Elements of a Ceremony


  • Entrance

  • Welcome 

  • Introduction (Sharing how you met or your journey so far as a couple or family)

  • Reading (1st) (For a good balance to the ceremony two readings are recommended)

  • Monitum (The legal part of the Ceremony which must be said by the Celebrant)

  • Giving the Bride Away (You don’t have to be given away if you don’t want to)

  • Asking (I will ask if you are willing to take one another as husband and wife)

  • Vows 

  • Exchange of Rings (Optional)

  • Other Symbol (Such as: Candle Ceremony, Blending of Sands, Rose Ceremony)

  • Reading (2nd)

  • Declaration and Kiss 

  • Signing of the Marriage Register & Certificates 

  • Presentation of Newlyweds (This can include a blessing, reading, words of congratulations, or even a Butterfly Release or Dove Release). 

  • You will be presented with your Marriage or Commitment Certificate and announced as Husband and Wife for the very first time.



                                                  Bendigo Goldfields Weddings

                                        Civil Marriage & Commitment Ceremonies  









                                                                            Christine Cummins 

                                                                        Civil Marriage Celebrant   

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