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 Important Information



Before your Wedding you will need to complete a Notice of Intended Marriage Form (NOIM) at least one month prior to your Wedding. I would suggest earlier rather than later to secure your date and time. It can also be lodged with me up to 18 months in advance of the Wedding a Booking Fee is required at this stage. The balance of your fee is due approximately two weeks prior to your wedding date when you will also sign a declaration stating that there is no legal impediment to your marriage.


The documents you need to supply are:

  • If born in Australia ~ your Original Birth Certificate and either your Australian Passport or Drivers Licence

  • If born abroad ~ your Original Birth Certificate or Overseas Passport

  • If either of you have been previously married then your Original Divorce Decree papers or Death Certificate of a previous spouse. (If you need a copy of your Divorce Papers please contact the Family Law Court in the State you were Divorced)

  • Any documents in a foreign language must be translated into English and a Translation Certificate supplied


What Does The Celebrant Do?
  • Complete and lodge all the legal paperwork with Births Deaths and Marriages
  • Help and advise you with your Ceremony
  • Solemnize your marriage according to Australian Law


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